Appearance. Edit

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How Tristan came to be.

Ekc-tristan ling2

Tristan, the early years.

Penny ling penny ling

Tristan, the slightly-later-on years.

Tristan is a panda and looks lame. Who even parts their hair like that any more.

Background. Edit

Tristan was born of an unholy union of co-opted webcomic character and co-opted children's animated TV show character. By all rights, they shouldn't exist, but there they are.

Relationships. Edit

  • Renbunny - They play video games sometimes i guess.
  • Horse - Tristan is lame and therefore doesn't get to talk to someone as cool as horse.
  • Danny - They once hugged, it was really awkward.
  • Pizza - Tristan ate this, once.

Trivia Edit

  • Once, tristan ate a bug. Its' parents could never recover from the shock of loving a six-legged son.
  • Tristan is in a relationship with Penny Ling.
  • Tristan is grumpy a lot and plays too much dota.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Tristan is not a blackbelt in karate.