Bunny is small and cute, but can jump high and quick.

Appearance Edit

Born next to a Kool-Aid factory, Bunny has purple fur that smells and tastes grape. There are three things on Bunny's head: a little curl of hair, an ear, and another ear. They have a spot over one of their small, black eyes. They have a cute :3 face and a light purple underbelly. Their paws are small and nubby and it is unknown how they pick anything up. They also have a small fluffy tail.

Background Edit


Born alone in the centre of the universe, with only stars to guide them, the force known as Rabbit drifted ever closer to the nearest hospitable planet. There, they began their work, shaping life forms into their image and slowly seeding them across the globe.

Eventually, however, the whole omnipotent force thing got old, and Rabbit convalesced as a physical being, hotly declaring themselves a deity worthy of worship and generally making a nuisance of them selves. It was still a few years until they met horse, but honestly, Bunny as a single characterisable being didn't exist before that point. They may have been physical but it was only the meeting with Horse that convinced them to actually Be.
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The first known picture of Bunny.

Personality Edit

Bunny loves to have fun. They are very cheerful and eager to do things, no matter what it may be. They have also exhibited god-like powers, such as being manipulate photographs with only the touch of a paw. It is for this reason that Horse graced them with her presence.

Occasionally, their inherent happiness will begin to decrease, leaving them depressed for several days at a time. This is remedied with time, pizza, and Horse cuddling.

Relationships Edit

  • Horse - Horse loves Bunny, as Bunny loves Horse. They are best friends who are married. Sometimes they fuck in the Frank suit from Donnie Darko.
  • Tristan - Who?
  • Danny - Sometimes Bunny plays video games with Danny, but not too often or they will overdose on salt. Too much salt is unhealthy.
  • Dota - Dota is the deity that Bunny worships. Dota is all. Dota is good. Dota is a friend.
  • Other Bunnies - Bunny is all bunnies that have ever existed and ever will exist. The stress is sometimes too much for them.
  • Pizza - Delicious and pure, the only fuel a growing lapine needs.

Trivia Edit

  • Bunny once killed a man. The reasons for this are unknown.
  • They are very small, but at the same time, jump high and quick.
  • Sometimes they take rides on Horse's back. 
  • Bunny is fine being called rabbit, cutie, smoochums, bunny, buns, toots, doll, or bunsebeth the fourth. However, they hate being called nerd.