Appearance. Edit

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Danny is literally a birb he's just a birb don't worry about it. Sometimes he is also a dorrito cool runch and renbunny likes this one better. dorrito is a potato rabbit with the swolest fucking arms and a Gun.


Background. Edit

Deep underground, in the magma channels of sonder, the nest of the great Feenicks began to stir. A single egg wiggles, and then explodes open. One of the shell shards from this egg flies into the sky and hits a bird and kinda irritates it a little and it falls into an eggplant field and dies.

That bird... Was danny.

Personality. Edit

Danny is fun and funny in equal measure, and that measure is tons. He can sometimes get mixed up in bad crowds, but in the end of the day he always comes through for his coolest and truest friends. Also, he loves memes. He IS memes. Eggplant. Danny can also play guitar.

Sometimes, Danny can get a little down, but as long as he remembers how special and super cool he is to his friends, he can pull through. They believe in him, after all!

Relationships. Edit

  • Renbunny - They are friends who make memes and are in like 7 bands together. Also Danny is bunny's adopted son.
  • Pizza - Danny and pizza are the best of friends forever.
  • Bella - They are the bestest bester best of friends and are memebros closer than Marx and the plight of the common worker.
  • Tristan - They know them i guess?

Trivia Edit

  • Danny invented the common housecat, although scientific institutions refuse to bow to his sheer genius.
  • The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.
  • Danny used to roleplay a purple horse. He butchered her character completely, and everyone loves him for it. Twigilda4lyfe.
  • Danny drove a truck and also did cool jumps in it.
  • Danny once shoved an egg in his ass to see if it would hardboil it.